Metal Roof Installations in Athens, TX and Surrounding Areas


New Roof Construction

It is our preference to lath all the roofs we install with 1x4 #2 Yellow Pine (YP) lumber. Doing so benefits in two ways. By installing the panel on top of the lathing we are creating a dead air space, which allows the heat that is radiated through the panel to ascend drawing cooler air in at the eave below. This prohibits the radiated heat from traveling down into the attic. This is a great energy saver while keeping the house cooler in the summer. Also, most new construction today is decked with Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The OSB will not allow the screws to be consistently or properly secured. The #2 YP has the required characteristics to hold the screws securely.
Installing metal roof — Roofing Contractors in Athens, TX


When we do a re-roof over existing shingles we also lath with #2 YP. This benefits in the same ways as new construction plus allowing us the ability to shim or raise the lath up in any low spots that may have appeared over the years from rafters and decking sagging or warping. We can then install the metal roof in an almost perfect plane to obtain the appearance of new construction.
Due to the crowded landfills of Texas and the composition shingle roofs made basically of fiberglass, an insulating material, we recommend that any roof consisting of only one or two layer of shingles be left on the house under the metal roof.
Metal roofings — Roofing Contractors in Athens, TX

Custom Trim

We produce all of our trim for the specific job we are on to assure the proper fit and the exact forms needed. We use all the trim types that are required for every roofing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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